I like long walks on the beach / West Coast National Park

The west coast national park is just a quick hour and a half drive away from Cape town central and oh, so amazing. ¬†We ¬†decided to go for a weekend adventure and see what all the talk is about with the spring flowers and we were surely not disappointing. ¬†During flower season the whole park is filled with wild flowers all over, ¬†if your heaven is a flower covered paradise I bet you will think you died and went to heaven, but today’s post is not about the flowers, I wish it were, I just can’t get all those flowers out my head, but its about the amazing beaches in this park. ¬†When people say they like long walks on the beach, they must be talking about west coast national park? ¬†Walking on long stretches of deserted beaches with the gentle waves lapping at your feet will make anyone a romantic. ¬†I felt like I was in a romantic novel walking on the beach while holding Carl’s hand.

Next time I think we will definitely make a weekend trip and stay at the park, there is just so much to do and not enough hours in one day to fully experience this park, especially when you forgot to fill the car up with petrol/gas and you don’t know if you will ever make it out of the park. ¬†Don’t worry we found a gas station. ¬†I took a little piece of the park home with me thanks to the ridiculous amount of beach sand that was leftover in my shoes, ¬†once you get sand in your shoes you will never get all the traces out again. ¬†Now, I carry little pieces of the park with me every time I lace up my trainers.

west coast national park

^^ leave behind only footprints.


^^ Carl had a lot of things in his hands, that’s how this semi formal photo happened.


^^ How can you not be mesmerised by the ocean with a view like that.

west coast national park

^^ So many footprints, but we didn’t see any people.

west coast national park

^^ Baby’s first beach trip?

west coast national park

^^ even the sunlight was magical.

west coast national park

^^ Seagull….always such posers.

an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ amazingly wonderful cloudy day at the v & a waterfront.  We walked around, took some photos and went to the amazing H&M sale!


^^ Scenic drives, sometimes you just have to stop to take some photos of the clearest, bluest water you’ve ever seen.


^^ ocean gazing.


^^ Clock towers.


^^ The  cutest tugboat.  On one side it was really cloudy and on this side it was blue, Cape town always wants the sun to shine.


^^ Flags floating in the wind.


^^ Mountains, ocean, what more could you want.


^^ Walks around camps bay. ¬†The best tidal pool, I’ve ever seen.


^^ Just standing around.  Cape town and my hair does not go together, my hair has never looked so bad.  Its been bumming me out.


^^ Pretty flowers on the beach.




^^ This mountain range is called the 12 apostles, for obvious reasons.

How was your weekend? did you have a daily adventure? ¬†Since pokemon go’s release we’ve been watching pokemon again. ¬†Sometimes its great to feel like a kid again and watch shows from your childhood, every time they call an onigiri a jelly doughnut I laugh and laugh. ¬†Silly people. ¬†Our one year wedding anniversary is coming up in a week, a year has just flown by! We’ve been looking for the perfect paper joined gift to get, we’ve been looking all over the show for a perfect print, but we keep coming up empty. ¬†I guess the best place to look is online. ¬†What did you get for your one year wedding anniversary?

Strawberry Picking

One of the things we were excited ¬†to do this Spring was go strawberry picking. ¬†A lot of my holiday memories are based around going to this one strawberry farm that had a lot of scarecrows all around the biggest, reddest, most beautiful strawberries I’ve ever seen. ¬†This farm did not disappoint, no it didn’t have scarecrows, but it was nestled in the beautiful Magaliesberg on a scenic farm. ¬†Tangaroa strawberry farm is great for strawberry picking, picnicking at the dam, duck watching, playing with dogs and they made a great strawberry jam to boot!

With most things in life its always best to get your little bucket at the gate and get there early, because the early strawberry picker catches the best strawberries

Organic sign

^^ Organic strawberries! Yum.

Strawberry farm

^^ lots of people getting their strawberry on.


^^ I love the little red bucket and the strawberries.

Strawberry picking

^^ When the glasses comes off, you know its serious strawberry picking time.

Strawberry picking

^^ Happy strawberry picking.  Yes, Carl and I are basically wearing the same outfit.

Strawberry picking

^^ Kind of a Chandler smile, but still pretty cute.

Strawberry picking

Strawberries in soda bottles

Strawberry farm

^^ Yay! Strawberries. Boy, was it hot! I started feeling whoozy  at the end.

DSC_2581new - Copy

^^ Check out these strawberry field or the I’m sitting in air pose.


^^ Even the dogs love the strawberries.

DSC_2613new - Copy

^^ After the strawberry picking, we headed to the little restaurant and got some much needed refreshments.  Carl really enjoyed this strawberry milkshake.  I had a delicious virgin strawberry daiquiri that really hit the spot.


^^ On our way to the car we spotted mulberries and got our mulberry picking on.