Where is Arren

Do you remember your first toy? The first love of your life that wasn’t your mother?┬á For Arren, he has many and he just can’t make up his mind who he will love the most on the day.┬á Who can blame him, so many cute options. Continue reading

Arren and his blankey

Kids imprint on the strangest things, you get them a cute little teddy that you are sure will be their cute little companion only to have it looked at like you were insane to even think this thing was going to have a connection with your child.┬á Sorry, bunny, in my head I thought you would be dragged around by the ear and be Arren’s forever companion, instead he chose a green blanket over you. Continue reading

The white knuckles of motherhood

Motherhood is filled with beautiful moments that make your heart swell so big, you wonder if it might just explode, but it is also filled with white knuckle moments.┬á Those moments you hold onto the stroller handle just a little bit tighter, that moment you wonder if you might just snap a steering wheel in half, while you silently scream on the inside, so your children won’t see that they’ve managed to really push your patience off a cliff.┬á┬á Continue reading

Easter 2018

Last Easter  Carl got a horrible stomach bug that had me taking care of a new born-ish baby and an adult baby, instead of a feast I was making congee, this year was different.  Arren had his first easter egg hunt, tried dark chocolate and we had a Japanese feast! Continue reading

Yoga baby

Arren has been stretching his stuff lately. ┬áMaybe it’s because he keeps seeing his Mama on the mat or maybe the old wives tale is true, and Arren is telling us he wants a sibling. ┬áEither way, this guy knows how to downward facing dog like a pro. Continue reading