All I want for Christmas…



We’ve been keeping a big secret! Can you guess what it is? 22 December we’re making our little family a little bigger. ┬áWe’re expecting a baby! ┬áKeeping the baby secret so long has been pure bliss for us we really wanted to keep such a joyous moment happy and decided not to tell family ┬áuntil we had our 20 week scan to make sure everything was good┬áwith the baby. ┬áWe’ve had all our happy moments ruined so far, so it was nice having the time to enjoy the happiness together without┬ábeing lectured at 29.

We are over the moon excited! We’ve decided not to┬áfind out the baby’s gender in hopes of having everything be a little more gender neutral and its just fun having a little surprise to look forward too. ┬áWe’ve been collecting little baby clothes, and I have to tell you guys, I don’t think its that small? I keep looking at the newborn clothes and thinking how is that suppose to come out of me! ┬áIt just doesn’t seem right. ┬á We have a name picked out for a boy and girl, so we are ready to go go go!

Surprisingly the blanket in the photo is for a girl, its suppose to match the northern lights, can you see it?┬áI still have to make a blanket for a boy, but I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to go get wool and get crocheting┬á! ┬áI’m really excited for baby A’s arrival in the world and this little blessing to fill our hearts with even more joy and love. ┬á I can’t wait to meet you in December little one! From the ultrasound we could see this baby is going to be a little busy body and I can’t wait to be able to hold this little wiggler! ┬áWe love you dearly already.