All I want for Christmas…



We’ve been keeping a big secret! Can you guess what it is? 22 December we’re making our little family a little bigger.  We’re expecting a baby!  Keeping the baby secret so long has been pure bliss for us we really wanted to keep such a joyous moment happy and decided not to tell family  until we had our 20 week scan to make sure everything was good with the baby.  We’ve had all our happy moments ruined so far, so it was nice having the time to enjoy the happiness together without being lectured at 29.

We are over the moon excited! We’ve decided not to find out the baby’s gender in hopes of having everything be a little more gender neutral and its just fun having a little surprise to look forward too.  We’ve been collecting little baby clothes, and I have to tell you guys, I don’t think its that small? I keep looking at the newborn clothes and thinking how is that suppose to come out of me!  It just doesn’t seem right.   We have a name picked out for a boy and girl, so we are ready to go go go!

Surprisingly the blanket in the photo is for a girl, its suppose to match the northern lights, can you see it? I still have to make a blanket for a boy, but I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to go get wool and get crocheting !  I’m really excited for baby A’s arrival in the world and this little blessing to fill our hearts with even more joy and love.   I can’t wait to meet you in December little one! From the ultrasound we could see this baby is going to be a little busy body and I can’t wait to be able to hold this little wiggler!  We love you dearly already.

an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ Yes, a blurry photos, but out of the hundreds of photos Carl takes 80 % of them has a finger in them,  is blurry beyond believe, or just looks odd.  He’s getting better, at taking photos so I’ll give him that.


^^ Forest walks, it doesn’t get better.


^^ i was trying to put the camera away, but Carl wanted to take a photo.  Photo pose time.


^^ A little bit of green popping out.  Can you find a four leaved one?


^^ Cute little mushroom.


^^ A waterfall popping out.   Not seen, the man and his dog in the river, why? I don’t know.


^^ Roots everywhere.  We should really start taking lessons from nature.  Endure no matter what.


^^ Pretty flowers.


^^ Leaves everywhere.


^^ I was ranting about the fact that I can’t find pants that fit me and it was so easy to find good looking pants in Ireland.  This looks like his stop talking about pants face.  Even my workout pants started slipping off on our hike.


^^ Sandwich break!  German Rye bread with a butterbean spread and lots of salad.  Really Yum!


^^ Carl approves!


^^ Lilies popping out everywhere!

How was your weekend? We’ve been house hunting with not much luck here, everyone seems to want 2 months deposit, the rent and the soul of your first born child. Its not like we’re buying! We just want to rent a house, nowhere else we’ve lived has given us so much nonsense.  In Ireland we just paid cash, gave them the deposit and we secured the place like that.  In Joburg we only had to pay the deposit to secure the place, but our Realtor is the most helpful British man around, he told us its harder to rent in Cape town, because of the relax living here, people apparently just forget to pay rent, and completely trash the places.  I’ve never heard of anyone just forgetting to pay rent, it just seems obscene!  We still have faith and hope that we will find the perfect place for us.  Hopefully soon!


Hunting for seashells

Happy Thursday guys! I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already, where did the week go? Time seems to be flying by and I’m just trying to hold on and get all my stuff done.  The days don’t seem long enough anymore, but Spring seems to be right around the corner the sun is coming up earlier and setting later.  Winter has not stopped me from eating delicious frozen treats, all I’ve wanted to eat lately has been ice cream and milkshakes, but being the insane health freak I am I’ve been coming up with way yummier and so much better for you desserts.  I’m excited to share them with you guys, but that’s for another post.

On the weekends when we are stuck for something to do we usually end up walking to the bottom of our insanely steep hill to the beach.  I’ve been wanting to go get some broken seashells, but we always end up forgetting about it, or the fact that we’ve been avoiding going to the promenade, after seeing a naked man posing for photos, kids blowing up condoms like balloons and a dead seal.  To say we’ve been slightly traumatised would be an understatement, but this last time it was pure bliss.  Everyone seemed so happy playing pokemon go, riding bicycles and having picnics.


^^ Exploring rocks, finding the perfect seashells, we do dating differently from everyone else it seems.


^^ A whole lot of shells.  I felt so bad walking around on these.  I felt like I was destroying the secondhand housing section.


^^ Nature is full of beauty and treasures.


^^ happily looking for shells and stopping for a photo.


^^ Cloudy days on the promenade.


^^ Broken shells for a little project at home.

What kind of dates do you go on with your partner?

an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ Things on toast….A delicious German bread with tomatoes.  Is it still bruschetta if its on German bread? I’ll call it Gruschetta?


^^ Woodland critters… Can you spot the squirrel?


^^ Spot the squirrel…..Hikes and talks around deer park.


^^ Weird little bridge over the little stream.


^^ Lions head.  This is suppose to look like a lion sphinx.


^^ Pierogi dough getting ready to be made into delicious polish treats.


^^ Two different kinds of pierogies.  Sauerkraut and squash, equally as good.

Its been raining  here for the last couple of days, and I’m loving these cooler days.  Its finally starting to feel a tad like winter, I would call it late fall kind of weather, but this will have to do.  So bring on the hot cocoa and cuddly days, with wonderful hikes that don’t require me to die of heat stroke!

Cape Point

On Saturday we headed to Cape point, the drive there felt insanely long and it didn’t help that the gps maps lady, decided to take us on the craziest route ever created.  We were zigzagging going through the navy base, feeling really awkward driving through military housing and somehow we got to the bottom feeling like we just trespassed on everyone’s property.  We made it in the end and it was glorious.

Cape point  is the most south-westerly tip of Africa, covered in fynbos, beaches, and beautiful little hikes and picnic areas.  We kept having to stop thanks to ostriches thinking they are slow moving cars and refusing to get out of the road and some how finding their way in front of the car every turn we made.  There is also a lot of baboon warnings around, we actually saw a baboon right as we got there, just chilling eating a slice of pizza, not a care in the world, as I tried to take my camera out it started making a dodgy looking stride towards me, so of course I ran away screaming like a little girl, while the baboon ran the other way obviously confused.

Being the cheap people we are we decided to give the “flying dutchman” or the little tram that can take you to the top in 3 minutes a skip and the walk up was great! we saw cute little mice and I found out that all the learn mandarin things I’ve been using are all a bunch of liars! They say that Asian people never say Ni hao………Well we saw all the tourists and I constantly heard everyone saying ni hao.  Lesson learned!

Walking to the top is a treat for the eyes! Panoramic views of the ocean makes you feel like you’ve fallen into a painting.  If Cape town could be any colour it would be blue.  Blue like the skies and the water, it always seem like everything is just blending together.


^^ ocean.


^^ You can walk up all those little stairs.


^^ Pretty little cove.



^^ Flying dutchman


^^ Baboons signs everywhere.  Not even close to the top.


^^The lighthouse.




^^ Pretty water.  It was really windy down here and I’m not one of those girls that look magical in the wind.  It looks like my hair is trying to kill me while my jacket slowly tornadoes around me.



an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ Lookouts at Cape point.


^^ nature all over the place.


^^ Magical ocean.


^^ Big tree.


^^ Found these little wooden guys all over a hike.  I think its a fire prevention sign? You know what would work better? A real one.


^^ Fluffies!


^^ Proteas everywhere we go.


^^ Placing a rock on top of this little tower.

Happy Monday everybody! How was your weekend? Mine was good.  We’re busy, busy,busy.  Trying to figure out our future, and what we can do now to improve things.  Life is a whirlwind over here and we are just hoping to make it out in one piece!  We had a fun weekend filled with a visit to Cape point, hiking and Asian grocery store visits. Here is to another week!

Boulders Beach

Over the weekend we went on a little adventure drive.  With a car at our disposal there was no stopping us! We decided that the gps lady on Google maps was trying to get us to drive into a river,  so we turned her off and just got to places the good old fashioned way, by looking at all the road signs and hoping you don’t miss one! We had the idea of going to Muizenberg to go have a look at the vintage changing areas, but things started progressing and somehow we ended up at boulders beach.  Everything was just so close! It all just felt like one long town.

After all our fast exploring we decided to go find the penguins! So off we set going the completely wrong way and leading a whole bunch of tourist astray.  When we finally realized nothing was on this side, we turned around, watching more people go the way we came from.  We managed to find the penguins just chilling around the board-walk! Penguins are just the cutest, they are like little babies dressed in tuxedos just waddling around! We even saw a Mommy penguin feeding her baby.  They have a barrier between you and the penguins and very strict signage that warns you of the danger of biting penguins.  So I was quite happy to see these little guys from a distance.

As you continue on the little wooden path you get wowed by the amazing beach.  The clearest blue waters, penguins swimming and 540 million year old granite boulders! God’s creations are truly amazing.  Next time I want to have a swim with the penguins and hope they don’t bite my toes.


^^ Kelp seems to be the national smell of Cape town.  I’m not a fan.


^^ Penguin just taking a nap.


^^ Clear water and a penguin cleaning himself.


^^ The water still looks beautiful even with all that kelp floating in it.


10 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage

The married life came easy to Carl and I, it might be because we were already acting like a married couple the day we met or the fact that Carl told me he was going to marry me that very first day.  What ever it was, married life has been amazing for me.  Believe me, we’ve had some trying times, times where life was just hard, we’ve moved around so much in the 3 years we’ve been together, people trying to get us down, work issues, money issues, all the issues that generally will show up eventually.  For us it seemed like all of it happened during a short period of time like God was just packing in all the trials in one go, instead of having these trials over a 20 year marriage, but through it all we’ve come out stronger, more in love and just grown closer.



  1. You’re a team don’t forget that! talk to your partner about your problems or any worries you have. You have a build in team mate that will always be there for you.  So don’t be shy, or hide anything.
  2. Focus on the good qualities; Sometimes the woman demon comes out in me and I get irritated  by the smallest thing.  For example; The super, insanely loud chewing Carl does. I don’t know where this demon comes from, but wow, I could just throw him off the balcony, just because of his chewing.  Being married to such a patient man, that laughs at my weird comments is really amazing. Instead of obsessing about the things you don’t like, focus on the things you love and admire them for and know, this to shall pass, because tomorrow you might feel like a normal woman again, with less issues.
  3. All trials will pass.  Trials come and go, the way you handle it will stay with you. Being supportive and not blowing up, or taking your frustrations out on your partner is key! Saying something horrible during a frustrating moment will just hurt you both and you will regret it later.
  4. Growing and changing is a good thing.  Change is good, I mean if we all stayed the same how weird would that be?  you would still be rocking your parachute pants and be all teen angsty. No one wants that! You don’t want to be married to a vampire that’s never going to change, you want to change and grow together for the better, the key is grow together like two trees entwined, instead of growing apart.
  5. Be Friends; Being best friends with your partner is just the best.  Playing and being your complete self with someone is amazing and worth every annoying chew.
  6. Forgive easily; Forgiving and forgetting is easy when you love someone.  So they broke your phone and laptop, its not like it was done on purpose?  They already feel bad enough, sometimes its just best to laugh it off.
  7. always kiss.  Always kissing and touching each other deepens your relationship rather than making you feel like you’re just living with a sibling.
  8. Get out of your comfort zone.  Get out of the house! You don’t want to have a relationship based on sitting in a room just watching show after show and finishing it off with a movie. Never actually talking.  Get out and explore, have fun, talk! and if you really want to watch a movie go out! Make a date out of it.
  9. Never stop dating.  Connecting one on one is great and is a wonderful way of feeling  in love.
  10. Make yourself happy.  Your partner can’t be responsible for your happiness, you have to make yourself happy, before someone else can make you happy.

So far marriage has been one crazy ride, filled with ups and downs, but it feels mostly like ups, because I married my best friend.