Rv trip through Europe Day 5 The Austrian mountains

The thing about Rving through Europe is, you start realizing how small and intertwined Europe really is. One second you’re in Poland the next you’re in Czech Republic, and literally a minute later you’re back in Poland. When we back tracked to get to Switzerland we popped out of Italy to pop right back into Austria.

RV trip through Europe Day 1

We did it again! We Rv’d through Europe for the second time.  This time around we had our sights set on Italy, but we got into the North of Italy and had a major panic attack and decided to rather head to Switzerland.  The joy of taking a trip with an van is that you can change your plans at any second.  Travelling in Europe with the coronavirus right now felt a little bit crazy, every single place we went to had confirmed cases, attractions seemed a little bit emptier than usual and every time I saw a mask the reality of the situation just kicked in.  It was really scary, but we tried our best to stay as healthy as we could and to practice good hand washing hygiene.   Continue reading