Swinging in the park

One thing I’ve learned from having a baby that just hates being in the car, is that bribery works.  A short car ride can go from being reasonably happy in his car seat, that usually last for less than 5 minutes, to what kind of torture is this.  Because of that I usually go out with a bag of bribes.  What’s in this bag? Toys, food, begging and a whole lot of singing.  When none of that works its time to pull over and let Arren stretch his legs.  On one of those days, Arren lucked out and we stopped at a park and he had his very first swing.

I’ve been looking for a park with a baby swing or that doesn’t have a crack house feel to it for almost 6 month now and luckily for us we happened to stop right by one.  It wasn’t the nicest swing around, but Arren seemed to enjoy it.   He was holding on so nicely while he tried to figure out what we are doing to him, maybe he was just wondering what his over protective Papa was doing, running back and forth with his hands out like he’s playing basketball.

I think he would have liked it way more if he could sit up a bit  more in the swing, but his little body was a bit too small for that.  I probably liked it a bit more than Arren did, I was being your typical mamarazzi and kept snapping photos, and taking all the videos I could, while screaming YAAAAY!

We bought a bag of emergency crisps for us, seeing as we forgot to pack snacks again, and it was already 5 o clock and we didn’t have any lunch yet, Carl and I walked around the park eating as fast as we could trying to get all the wiggles out of Arren.

He’s been teething hard AGAIN and is getting some more teeth at the bottom. he’s been zombie biting and making his cute little grr face where ever we go.  He’s gotten so much better at dealing with teething, he just pops a finger in his mouth, or demands a cracker and he’s good to go, but the winning teething remedy for nighttime rest for all of us has been white noise.  We all just sleep so much better with the white noise on!