Surviving the colder months/avoiding those sniffles at all costs.

We did it! We survived the colder months without getting sick. ┬áI’m a hypochondriac, if I see someone with a red nose, sneezing or even worse come into my house sick, I will go all Sheldon Cooper on your ass, demanding to know when you got sick, your symptoms and remove myself from your presence ┬á.Stay HOME! ┬áIts uncomfortable for all of us!

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I don’t have time to get sick! So much to do so little time! Getting sick is just no fun at all, so I avoid it as much as I can, but you know sometimes you just get sick. ┬áI will probably be getting sick as soon as I post this.




Female washing Hands

1.Wash your hands;Such a simple thing to do, ┬áyet so many people don’t do it. ┬áWashing your hands is the best way to keep germs from spreading. ┬áMy motto is; wash your hands like you’re prepping for surgery. ┬áKeep it clean guys. ┬áKeep it clean.


2.Clean the bathroom;  the bathroom is the room in the house you know is filled with germs. The bathroom is the perfect place for bacteria to grow, so clean good and hard.  Go all Monica on that bathroom and even clean that toilet seat up real nice.


3.Probiotics;  Not all bacteria are bad guys, so get a healthy gut, by taking a probiotic tablet or eating ferments like sauerkraut, kombucha or yoghurt.

4.Multi-vitamins; Yes, I know a lot of people will disagree on this, but I take a multi vitamin daily and feel completely healthy. ┬áI like knowing I’m getting all the vitamins I need even on my most unhealthy day, and I can have a lot of those at time.

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5.Stay warm; ┬áKeep yourself warm. ┬áSoup and herbal teas will rock your socks off! but put them back on as soon as you can! Don’t get cold now.


6.Echinacea; This stuff is the bees knees! We grew a tiny medicinal garden this year and made our own echinacea tincture on the cheap. ┬áI’ve seen the price for this stuff at pharmacies and its just outrageous for something so easy to make. Taking a couple of drops when you feel a slight tingle in your throat will stop those sniffles right in its tracks.


6.Fruit and vegetables; a balanced diet is a sure way to stay healthy, so eat what you want to eat, but in moderation and you will be a healthy little flower!

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks to Jewish companies we will be having a four day Weekend so Shanah tovah to all my Jewish friends.