The Superfoods I love for my toddler

Getting your toddler to eat healthy can be a mission, but it’s a mission I’ve made my job and I’m succeeding feeding my picky toddler, quite a variety of foods.

Since Arren has so many food allergies, I’ve had to get creative with what I feed him, and ever since he had anaphalaxis he started eating terribly, it’s  like food became the enemy and for a while food was even the enemy for me, I just couldn’t get the image of my little sweetheart almost dying out of my head, but in time the importance of eating healthy slowly crept back, and I gained confidence in the kitchen again.  At that point Arren was eating really basic meals and refused to eat anything new.  I made a vow that I wouldn’t be defeated by a stubborn one year old.   So I got creative, Carl even said I was devious the other day.  Nothing is safe when I’m around, not even your waffles.

I’ve known to get obscenely creative; beetroot oats, swiss chard oats, broccoli smoothie, cauliflower avocado chocolate pudding, vegetable fritters, waffles with all sorts of vegetables, but as Arren gets older he seems to be more open to try new things, he’s starting to only want to eat what we are eating, prefers eating when we are both around, and is known to steal one of our bowls and utensils, because small spoons are for babies.   Here are some of my favourite superfoods for Arren.



This grain like seed is our go to food in our house, Arren loves it, loves playing with it and loves shovelling it in his mouth.  Quinoa provides nine essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce ourselves, it’s also filled with protein.


Add them to smoothies, buckwheat porridge or make an oddly lumpy pudding, doesn’t matter what you end up doing with them, you will have a whole lot of magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and protein.  This little seed packs a big punch.


This makes everything such a pretty color, even your hands.  Use them in smoothies, and your toddler will have the cutest little pout you’ve ever seen, blend them in to your morning oats or make a scrumptious juice.  Loaded with Iron, fibre, potassium and vitamin C.


Creamy, delicious and the millennial dream food, toddler on the other hand, wonder what the heck this green nightmare is, but no one has to tell them what I do there favourite chocolate pudding.  Avocado is rich with healthy fats, that’s good for your heart, but also great for brain development.


These little trees are the dream food, filled with vitamin C, calcium and vitamin K.


Is kale still under superfood status? Who knows,  I still love it, smoothies, kale chips, kale stir fry it’s all a bunch of delicious and it’s got a whole bunch of antioxidants and vitamins that just can’t be beaten.


We have a spirulina smoothie everyday and trust me this superfood makes things the prettiest green around town, but we know it’s not all about looks.  Spirulina is a complete protein filled with b vitamins and beta carotene.  It’s definitely a super food powerhouse .

8. Moringa

Yeah, I know another strange green powder, but trust me, it’s easier sneaking powdered things into your kids diet than food sometimes.   Moringa is packed with iron, calcium, b vitamins, vitamin a, e and C.  That’s a whole lot of nutrients in just a tiny spoonful!


Toddler are so active, they’re always on the go looking for new things to explore or figure out, even if that includes trying to climb out of a window, because you know, fun! because of that they need a lot of carbs, and what is better than trusty sweet potato, it will keep them going while providing beta carotene, that will give them healthy eyes and help boost their immune systems.


We love our porridge in the morning, oats, millet, buckwheat you name it, but buckwheat is Arrens favourite.  Buckwheat is in fact not wheat at all, it is in fact a seed, yes, the name is very misleading, but the lies stop there.  Buckwheat is a perfect cereal for children who suffer from a gluten allergy, but it’s great for everyone, this delicious porridge is filled with b vitamins, folate, potassium , magnesium and calcium.  It’s definitely a good for you breakfast.

These are just a few of my favourites, but I can literally go on forever, so to save you all from my rambling, I’ll start wrapping this up.   The key to getting your kid to eat well is just perseverance, children are so fickle, they might love something for a good couple of weeks, grow bored of it and look for something else, that’s why its a good idea, to keep offering them new food, until they want to try it, and they will eventually try it, and if all else fails and they still don’t like it, get creative! Sneaking vegetables into their diet is easy and they never have to know.