Sunday Best

Trying to get a photo of our Sunday best is one of the most difficult things ever, within seconds of entering the house, we get changed into our pyjamas and get ready to have our day of rest.


Last Sunday we managed to get a couple after church photos.   After looking at the photos i realized we might all be in our Sunday best, but I was having a serious bad mom moment.  Arren was biting onto a not age appropriate toy, and just going at it completely, in almost ALL the photos.

Poor boy was teething and getting over his first ever baby cold, and let me tell you something man flu has nothing on baby flu.  Being used as a human tissue was so gross, at the end of the day I felt like I was more mucous than person, but caring for my sick little baby, made me realize what a gift motherhood is.  No, not because of all the mucous, but because caring for someone else completely makes you feel selfless.  You get a glimpse of how much the Saviour cares for us, how he cared for everyone without ever considering himself, how selfless he was to die for all of our sins so we can be saved.

Needless to say I’m not a perfect person and drowning in baby mucous was a little bit much for me, I felt completely exhausted after day one and on Sunday I was just drained. ┬áSitting with a grumpy teething, kind of getting better baby, that was just not feeling three hours of church was hard, not being able to find Carl when I needed him was even harder, but we got home, Arren had a nap and we got to take our Sunday best photos, because even in the hardest days, we still have something to be grateful for.