Sunday best

Yes, there is a toothbrush on the floor, my trainers in one corner, a grumpy why did you wake me up toddler and a very messy play room in the background in this photo, but it also has two happy parents that has no idea where this week went.

We’ve been struggling to make it to church lately, 9 am seems like an almost impossible feat for us.┬á Every Sunday we have the best intentions, and most Sundays we end up fighting, wondering how it’s 10 already,┬á with an extremely grumpy toddler who was not ready to wake up yet.

but since we found out we are going to Poland and we have so little time left to get everything done and see family before we leave, we decided to put church on the back burner until we have things under control.┬á Most of our family work the whole week including Saturdays so Sundays are really the only time we can see them, we have a whole bunch of things to get done, that is just not getting done, because Carl works late hours, I’m really busy with Arren and other things.┬á We just don’t have time, but that shouldn’t be an excuse….right now we have decided to put family and friends first.┬á We are all much happier now, we are getting stuff done, none of us shout on the sabbath, creating a more reverent Sunday around here, and Arren doesn’t need to get woken up.

but that doesn’t mean we just stopped going, when we are all ready and we have family things later, we head to church.┬á Like this Sunday.┬á We managed to stay for sacrament, but an extremely whimpery in pain Arren just broke our hearts, we decided to just stay the hour and head home after.

I feel like church in Poland is going to be a miracle for us church at 11!┬á What bliss!┬á In the mean time we keep our day as holy as possible.┬á┬á“For where two or three are┬ágathered┬átogether┬áin my┬áname, there am I in the┬ámidst┬áof them.”

Ps….we started making a list to see what we need to get done, and we both just freaked out.┬á If all goes well with the visa process we have one and a half months left……EEEEEK!