Strawberry Picking

One of the things we were excited  to do this Spring was go strawberry picking.  A lot of my holiday memories are based around going to this one strawberry farm that had a lot of scarecrows all around the biggest, reddest, most beautiful strawberries I’ve ever seen.  This farm did not disappoint, no it didn’t have scarecrows, but it was nestled in the beautiful Magaliesberg on a scenic farm.  Tangaroa strawberry farm is great for strawberry picking, picnicking at the dam, duck watching, playing with dogs and they made a great strawberry jam to boot!

With most things in life its always best to get your little bucket at the gate and get there early, because the early strawberry picker catches the best strawberries

Organic sign

^^ Organic strawberries! Yum.

Strawberry farm

^^ lots of people getting their strawberry on.


^^ I love the little red bucket and the strawberries.

Strawberry picking

^^ When the glasses comes off, you know its serious strawberry picking time.

Strawberry picking

^^ Happy strawberry picking.  Yes, Carl and I are basically wearing the same outfit.

Strawberry picking

^^ Kind of a Chandler smile, but still pretty cute.

Strawberry picking

Strawberries in soda bottles

Strawberry farm

^^ Yay! Strawberries. Boy, was it hot! I started feeling whoozy  at the end.

DSC_2581new - Copy

^^ Check out these strawberry field or the I’m sitting in air pose.


^^ Even the dogs love the strawberries.

DSC_2613new - Copy

^^ After the strawberry picking, we headed to the little restaurant and got some much needed refreshments.  Carl really enjoyed this strawberry milkshake.  I had a delicious virgin strawberry daiquiri that really hit the spot.


^^ On our way to the car we spotted mulberries and got our mulberry picking on.