St Mary’s Collegiate Church

and we are back in Dublin! After a long day of bus travel,  and cleaning the most disgusting apartment, we are finally settled in and ready to get exploring! but before I start talking about all the wonders of Dublin let’s not forget Youghal!

It was a sad goodbye leaving our home of 3 weeks, I will forever remember how clean it was, and the beautiful seaside town of Youghal, but my favourite thing in Youghal is definitely St Mary’s church! The oldest church still in service is a wonder to the eyes and imagination, surrounded by town walls that were used by the British to protect the town on the attacks of the native Irish.  These walls are the second longest stretch of town walls surviving in Ireland.  Its a magical experience standing on the town walls looking out on the ocean, the town and the beautiful church.  After the town walls, you can explore the graveyard filled with old tombstones dating back to way before you were born, unless you were a vampire.  Its great to walk around and see how loved these people were,  its family history that’s just too beautiful to miss.  The best is always saved for last and the church is surely the best part.  This church is huge, amazing details everywhere, stained glass to die for and just a beautiful place to explore.  This church would make a believer out of the biggest atheist around.


^^ Town walls ready to be raided by us.


^^ Small entrances.


^^ Gothic poetry was made to be written here.  Just call me Nightwing.


^^ The view from the wall.


^^ Can you read this?


^^ creepy, yet cool.


^^ Carl looks like an art student.


^^The view from the top.


^^ Stained glass and a pompom.


^^ Even the floor is pretty.


^^ Stories told on glass.


^^ more…


^^ Crows everywhere, just to add a touch of melancholy.IMG_0157new




^^ nature.


^^ because daffodils.


^^ I look angelic.


^^ walking everywhere.

We’ve been to so many graveyards lately, Carl even joked and said we should do a series called the graveyards of Ireland.

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