Snow Day

From Asher being impossible to get in his snowsuit to Arren not being able to move in his snow pants, and to round it off not being able to push a stroller in the snow, snow is magical, but a big pain in the butt. Everything looks like it’s right out of a fairy tale, while you’re sweat slowly turns into icicles from the cold as you push and push that stroller through the snow, wondering why don’t we have a car or a shovel.

While you feel like a large inflated snowman from all the layers your wearing and you start to thing, this is nice I’m warm, you head into a shop and experience true torture, while you feel like you’re about to pass out from the overheated shop and everyone hands you their jacket while you baby wear, you start to feel snappy from the, sweat the heat and holding all those jackets, but you look outside thinking, I’m going to build one big snowman, forgetting that you forgot gloves, while you make that snowman you start feeling the cold seep into your bones and you realize you’ve made a mistake, but you can’t seem to stop thinking about all the magical, soft, flowing snow, that’s now blinding you, because a mini blizzard happened while you where thinking about all that magic.

There really is something wonderful about snow, it highlights all the wonder of being in Europe, but boy is it hard without a car and two very uncooperative children. Arren actually really likes the snow, but refuses to use his legs when it’s anything under 5 degrees C. I mean I would also prefer getting carried around.

In the three years we’ve been here this is the snowiest it’s been, its utterly beautiful to look at and makes Poland look really wonderful, I’m just starting to miss warmer days.

What’s the weather like on your side of the world?