I love the stage Arren is in right now, completely unreasonable, but with so much smiles and loves that it makes up for some seriously ridiciulous tantrums.

I mean I’ve been hit in the face with a ukulele so many times, people must wonder what’s happening in our home, it’s rough having a little boy that loves with his whole heart and doesn’t care what is in his hand at the time.  It’s amazing and sometimes painful, but oh so funny.

When I tell him to shhhhhush, he shhhhhush’s me right back.  The high pitch screams of delight penetrates ever cell in my body, but he is happy and that’s all that matters.

We are in the cutest phase where when I tell him to smile he dishes up some amazing smiles.



he just keeps serving them and I just want to kiss those cheeks, just like the mosquito do to him at night.   

He’s so wonderfully chaotic right now.