Smart Toy Club – Monthly Toy Rentals for Kids

Nothing has broken my Mama heart as much as seeing Arren lose interest in a toy I bought him within a couple of hours. ┬áI put so much effort into buying him the perfect toys, even letting him try it out in the stores a couple of times before getting them, but sooner rather than later, he gets over it and starts playing with the box, and most of the times it’s not even good boxes! ┬áArren’s favourite toy at the moment is my hair straightener and my tripod!

but ┬áwith The smart toy club you don’t have to worry about toys that keep piling up, because you get to return it for a whole new bag of toys every month.

Yes, you saw that correctly, The smart toy club, is a toy rental service that sends you a whole bag full of age appropriate toys for 4 weeks, the perfect amount of time to entertain a easily bored toddler.

When I received my bag I couldn’t believe how they nailed Arren so completely, by just telling them his basic likes. ┬áIn our bag Arren got a book, a winnie the pooh bead maze, a pushing caterpillar, a little ┬átrain that talks and the thing I didn’t think he would really like a pushing ball thing. ┬áThey nailed his little personality so much that, these rental toys are the only thing he’s playing with now and it’s been almost four days. ┬áThat’s the longest he’s ever been interested in anything.

I’m sad that I didn’t know about them sooner! Just think about all the money I would have saved from not buying all those toys Arren has kicked to the curb, even though I put a lot of effort into buying them.

They cater for children from 6 months to 5 years, in each bag you will receive R700 worth of toys to play with and give back in 4 weeks for a completely new bag of toys.

If you are in Cape Town and decide to collect from one of their two collecting spots you will pay R249/pm, if you choose to deliver in Cape Town you will pay R299/pm and if you’re anywhere else in South Africa you will pay R349/ pm.

Check out their page: The Smart Toy Club for more information. ┬áIt’s as simple as filling in a form and getting a bag of toys!

I can’t WAIT for our next bag of toys!