Settling in

Settling in here in Poland has been hard on all of us, but Arren has been effected the most.

It’s hard being one and seeing change, Arren has moved 5 times in his one year of life, that’s a lot, but this Poland move has been hard on him, I think he still thinks we are going back, his routine has been thrown out the window while he figures out why it’s still day time at 11.┬á Yes, sometimes we only get him to bed at 11 no matter how much unwinding, rocking and consoling we do baby boy is just ready to party the night away.

You must be thinking he takes great naps if he’s up till 11 right? Well, think again.┬á Arren Yuki doesn’t need a nap anymore.┬á This is all according to him, according to his very tired mama that’s ready to sleep for a month, he needs a nap.┬á ┬á I think once some of our stuff arrive he will start settling in, maybe when he’s reunited with all his toys.

but right now we are still adjusting to life here in Poland.┬á While we are getting settled we’ve started planning our first trip this month? any guesses where we are going?

We are going to Sweden! Whoop whoop!