Rv Trip through Europe Day 9 Berlin Germany

We walked around people awwed at how cute Arren looked, he tried to hug them, we went to the grocer I got a whole bunch of yummy things and I got some of my favorite treats, I’m still sad my mochi is done, we hopped back into the rv and started heading back to Poland.

There is one road between Germany and Poland that will forever be imprinted in my heart and mind. The worst road in the world, it had so many potholes, the camper was shaking like crazy it felt like the entire thing was going to break into tiny pieces, and just to top it off we lost the Rv antena along the way that we had to replace all thanks to that road.

We stopped for some water, Arren walked around a KFC I think, found himself some hats and we headed back to our apartment.

and just like our previous trip he was really upset to see the apartment and made a run for it and refused to go back. He’s been pretty upset since we’ve been back.