Rv Trip Through Europe Day 8 Berlin, Germany

The first Berlin trip out of all the places we stopped Berlin was Arren’s least favorite, but to be fair Arren was getting his first cold of his life, we were all so shocked, Arren has never been sick we just couldn’t comprehend it. It was the strangest thing. It’s still been the only time he’s really ever been sick, but this time we had our health and we were ready to explore and stall our little trip for as longn as possible because non of us felt like heading back to Poland.

As a family of avid walkers, we always prefer to walk then take public transport. There’s just so much you get to see while being lost or led perfectly by google maps.

We set off with no directions in mind and decided to walk where we could see a lot of people coming from, probably not the best idea for sigh seeing, but it works pretty fine for us.

Arren was so extremely happy, running around exploring walking with us, trying to figure out how to climb a statue.

He walked and explored with us until he found the souvenir shop of his dreams….a cute Berlin car filled with teddies.

He explored and played for an hour and threw a huge tantrum when we wanted to leave. Sometimes good things come to an end and most of the time someone is not going to be happy about it.

but we had to go find a place to park for the evening, the fun thing about Rving in Germany is you can always find a pretty amazing free camper parking, that offers electricity and that’s safe. Finding a spot to park in Germany is never a problem, but we were all pretty tired and had a long walk back to the rv to do, he forgave us eventually.