Rv trip through Europe, Day 6 Switzerland

because Switzerland was never on our travel itenary for Rv trip number 2 we didn’t do our scope out of places to stay, we decided to stop at the first place we could, which turned into an impossible task, we couldn’t find any gas station to stop at to have a look for a place to stay, but the beautiful alps drive made up for our confusion, finally we decided to pull over at a tiny little train station, which turned out to be a perfect place to stretch our legs and take in the incredible beauty that is Switzerland.

A couple of people were waiting ready to jump on the train sled in hand for a sledding adventure somewhere on the magical mountains. We got to see the trains arriving with the mountainous background. It’s hard to explain the beauty that Switzerland holds, from just one little stop.

We decided to stay at a camping Rv park in the Alps national park, we had our set plan and went on our way.

Obviously we didn’t think it would be too steep get up the hill, and that’s exactly what happened, as we drove up the hill it became blatantly clear that there was no way that we would be able to make it up the hill, we reversed down and made a safe turn with our large car house and stopped on the side of the road to see what we could do.

The thing is a lot of the places that people raved about are only open in the warmer months, so we were stuck driving from one caravan park to the next hoping to find one that was open.

It all adds to the adventure, but things got scary too, as we tried to drive into the one caravan park, that I was so sure I saw lights on in some of the caravans parked on the site, we started wondering if we would fit on the very icy little bridge we had to drive over to get to the site, when we finally arrived we saw it…..

it was definetely not open, and the amount of snow, made it extremely difficult to turn around on, making for an extremely difficult situation and we had to still get over the little bridge….

after what felt like forever we finally made it back onto the road, after that ordeal we decided to take a breather and find a shop to stock up on some food.

We drove the cutest little Swiss town that had my heart swooning, everwhere we looked there was something to see and I kept looking at all the nice restaurants and cafes I would be going into if I didn’t have the most deliquenty child with me…..

We got a couple of essentials like rosti, swiss chard and a whole bunch of dark chocolate lindt easter bunnies for Arren for Easter.

We were hopeful of the next place and were rewarded, by it actually being open and the friendliest Swiss man helped us park our little car home into our snowy home for the evening. It was pure magic being there.

We made dinner and explored the little wonders around and then we all realized that we didn’t have the right shoes for this. We quickly warmed up with tea and popcorn and some cuddles in our little bed.