Rv trip through Europe Day 5 Italy

We kept saying we are prepared and ready and we would be really careful, as soon as we got into Italy we both got hit with this intense feeling that we should turn around, maybe it was the deserted town with no people around maybe it was God telling us this is a mistake, whatever it was we turned around immediately and decided to head to Switzerland.

the thing about backtracking is, it takes a lot of time to undo what you did, but we all felt like it was an adventure.

because Switzerland wasn’t on our agenda I didn’t back snowy clothes, Arren was fine as a mother you always bring everything and anything for your child including snow pants.

Day 5 was just a whirlwind of backtracking and wondering if I would freeze, but we got to see so much more of Austria, which made the trip so memorable.

We got to play in a whole lot of snow, something we missed this Winter in Poland, it felt depressing being so cold, but not having snow around to play in, so when we saw all the snow in Austria, we made a quick stop and let Arren play in it as much as he wanted.