Rv trip through Europe Day 4 Vienna Austria. Aquarium

I really wanted to do something Arren would enjoy during one of our stops, and after seeing how many things there is to do with kids in Austria, I was really torn on what to choose.  

We all decided on the aquarium,  Arren just loves all animals and a bit of adventure, and when you combine that with a fish tunnel you know it’s going to be good.

We set off for the aquarium and I was just blown away with Vienna’s beauty, I wanted to go explore right that second, but I just couldn’t let Arren wait any longer.


After visiting the aquarium in Gdansk, I didn’t really have high hopes for this one, it’s not that the one in Gdansk is bad, it’s just a bit boring, but you know I grew up with monkeys in my backyard so maybe nothing gives me a thrill anymore, but when we got into the aquarium we were all blown away, it’s pretty amazing, there’s a lot of fun things at every corner.

little tunnels and lookout spots.

There’s even a sections where there is actual monkeys swinging around you while you walk around.


but travelling during the coronavirus puts you on high alert and being stuck in a small space that’s closed off with a man that didn’t want to stop coughing felt a bit stressful, when we left numbers were pretty low, but nothing makes you feel as fearful as seeing someone obviously sick, not respecting your personal boundaries.

We quickly hurried away from the sick man, and hand sanitised our hands, and went off.  We got some juice at the cafe that has a killer view of Vienna , we drank our juice and planned to go explore Vienna.