Rv trip through Europe, Day 4 Exploring Vienna Austria

It’s easy to get swept away by Vienna, the beauty all around just stuns and makes you feel speechless for a while.

We walked around the city for a good majority of our afternoon, we just couldn’t stop every corner just had something more spectacular then the next, European cities just have such charm to them, you just want to see more when you’ve explored one.

I really wanted to try apple strudel, but we ended up being on a great mission. With Italy still in our sights, and more and more coronavirus cases popping up we decided to get more masks and hand sanitizer.


every single pharmacy was sold out!

In that moment we started realizing the severity of the situation, we walked and walked, but just couldn’t find any.

After feeling defeated we decided to head out of the city in hopes that a smaller place would still have some in stock.

We stopped and luckily found some more face masks, I also realized 10 hand santizers were probably enough, after doing a frantic search for hand sanitizer all of them just magically appeared, it’s amazing what you can find, when you’re completely overwhelmed and freaking out.

Arren also decided to take it on himself and get a mozart chocolate ball violin box, he was okay with the fact that he couldn’t eat the candy, he just really wanted the violin, and like the good, completely overwhelmed parents we were we got it for him.

next stop italy..