RV trip through Europe Day 9 Laon France

France was really the highlight of the trip for everyone in our family.  As soon as we entered the France countryside we got swept away by the exquisite beauty.

Before leaving on our trip we did a lot of research on the best routes and read a lot of helpful post on how not to spend too much money, and one of the main things we saw┬á was a lot of people suggesting not to take the toll routes in France.┬á You could easily wrack up a big toll route bill, seeing as we had time, we decided to take the country roads and I’m so glad we did.┬á We got to see so much of Europe that a lot of people just skip over and it’s all just so beautiful, it’s places I would never have put on a bucketlist, but it’s places I’m so happy we saw.

We stopped for gas at the smallest gas station I’ve ever been in,┬á we somehow squeeshed our huge camper in without a problem, and decided to pop into the shop for some snacks.

Somehow it felt like home, Arren must have been so happy to see so many dirty faced kids, Arren always seem to have a dirty face no matter how much we try to wipe and clean him, he always looks like he entered a pie eating competition, and seeing all these little kids being little kids was nice.┬á Poland has such clean, well behaved children.┬á It’s one of the things I notice a lot here, the kids are always sparkly clean, polite and well behaved,┬á Arren is a little bit rough around the edges and loves hugging, he walks up to all the little kids and gives them hugs scaring the crap out of them.┬á ┬áSeeing all those dirty little faces was just the cutest little thing.

We continued on our little route that google maps provided and kept seeing this big tower in the distance.

We kept pointing at it wondering what it is, and on a whim decided we should go check it out.

We ended up in Laon, France.  A beautiful cobblestone little masterpiece, with a notre dame cathedral and a lot of other wonders.

It was a scorcher of a day and we just felt like we were dying of heat.

Arren didn’t even feel like walking and demanded horsies.┬á Carl was the good parent and gave him horsies.┬á I felt like little jelly from the heat and couldn’t muster up the energy for Arren’s lava body on my back.

We walked up the little hills and found an amazing abbey and decided to check it out.

As soon as we entered we got hit by immediate coolness.  It was like natures air conditioning.  The beautiful stone walls made that place literal heaven.


Arren couldn’t get enough.


He just kept exploring and looking around.

for what felt like hours

people left.

he refused to leave, every time we took him out into the hot oven that was outside he would freak out and run back into the cool heaven that was the abbey.

So Carl decided to get the camper and message me when he was in front and I dragged my crazy little goofball away from his happy place.

He was fine in the camper just not outside.

We decided to drive for a bit and cook dinner at one of the free camper parking spots, before heading to Paris.   We wanted to make it to the France temple before it was too late so off we went.