Rv trip through Europe Day 3 Austria

We arrived in Austria and were ready for our adventure, we had our eyes set at this free parking spot at this amazing castle, but when  we arrived, we realized it’s not that great of a spot, as we drove into the parking area we noticed no cars and a police car just eyeballing us as we stopped the car.


Our perfect parking spot for the evening turned into a no parking area, during the time it was recommended on our app, it happens, it all adds to the adventure.


I decided to run up to the castle to go take some photos and see it as close as I could without breaking the law.   Surely if I couldn’t go the police would say something?  Well, as I walked up this really steep hill to the castle the police car started following me, really slowly, I turned around a couple of times to see if they would say anything, but they just kept smiling.  I was a bit confused and decided to just keep going.   When I made it to the top, they proceeded to watch me take a bunch of photos, and after  a while they drove down.  I ran down the hill like a criminal, no police chasing me, they saw me coming to the bottom and drove off,  maybe Arren scared them off, he was running out his pent up car house energy in the parking lot.  Arren didn’t feel like going to the castle , so Carl went to go check it out.



When he arrived back, we made plans and found an actual free camper parking with electricity in a little town outside Vienna,  we needed a couple of things from a shop so we added our supposed quick stop at the grocery store to our directions.

After arriving at a friendly spar grocery store, Arren decided to take the shopping into his own hands, apparently we didn’t have enough tick tacks or jelly beans and needed about 20 of each in his cart.

After bribing him with gummy worms we finally left and parked our Rv for some rest before heading to Vienna.