Rv Trip through Europe Day 2: Czech republic

When RV-ing in Summer time we had heatwaves and no aircon to worry about, RV-ing in Winter was a whole different level of scary.  Driving on extremely small roads that are somehow suppose to be for oncoming traffic as well and you might as well be driving a mini bus is scary.  Having to go off the road to let other cars pass you while you wonder will we ever be able to get out of this snow ditch?  

Day 2 of travel was really beautiful we got to our parking spot way to early and decided this was not really a nice place to stop, instead I made lunch, we took a couple of photos at the border between Poland and Czech republic.

And went on our way, as soon as we went over the border we got hit over with the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen (well at that time, Switzerland turned into the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen), we decided we had to stop, and honestly if we didn’t we would have been just not enjoying the trip and just rushing to locations.

I decided to go check it out, seeing as it was a steep hill, I jumped over the extremely large cold puddle Carl parked next to and went to explore.  I climbed all the way to the top of the view point and I was rewarded with a view of an amazing mountain range covered in soft pillowy snow, It was just something right out of a fairy-tale.

I ran down, probably not the best thing to do when there’s snow on the ground,but I had to go tell my two little guys that they must come to the top.  Arren refused to walk, he didn’t want to step in puddles, so I carried him up the hill, sometimes your cardio needs a bit of weigh training I guess.

It’s still one of my favorite stops of our trip,  we took the moment to look for a new parking spot to sleep at for the night.  The thing about the handy little app we used is that a lot of campervan people go during Summer so these places are more suitable just for Summer.

When we Arrived at the location we were welcomed to an extremely icy and slippery parking spot, we didn’t feel like it was a safe place to spend the evening with the temperature plummeting even more.  After driving on an extremely narrow road for so long I was pooped and drained I told Carl that I saw a campsite a couple of miles back and that we should just stop there.

I’m so glad we did, we made it there just before nightfall, made our sleepy time tea and set up night time routine for Arren.   It was really nice to have bathrooms so close and stable ground after the previous nights horrible sleep, we all slept wonderfully, while the snow fell outside and we were warm and safe inside.


The next day we set off for Vienna Austria, we wanted to go through to Prague,but decided to just keep driving to Vienna.

We got to see some cute little Czech towns on our drive.  I Really liked the Czech money so I took this photo.

and of course we checked out the local restaurants, just kidding we stopped for some fries and drinks and the local Czech McDonald’s.

When you have an unrefined picky toddler, it’s best to stick to things they know, especially when the drive is long.