Rv Trip through Europe Day 11 Paris

The last day in Paris, we really wanted to get an early start to make sure we squeeze in as much  as we could.

The day started off rainy so we didn’t think it would be that hot, the thing I’ve found about living in Europe is, you can never expect anything.  One second its raining , 5 minutes later it’s like nothing happened and it’s sunny the rest of day.

I asked Carl to grab the sunscreen and just put it in the stroller just in case it gets really sunny.  He did the usual man thing and said yes, of course, without really listening.

We headed into the city and had a plan we would go to the louvre and see all the things along that route.

as the day went on  it got hotter and hotter and Arren was desperate for a little run around.  The thing we found with Arren is, if he gets a little run around time and chance to explore in a designated area he’s more willing to sit in the stroller and let us get to where we need to go.  He’s still two, and doesn’t really care about things that adults find fun, to try and keep tantrums to a minimum while travelling we do something for him first and then we do something for us, keeping things progressively moving and making things more manageable, the thing is, tantrums will happen, but it’s all about just going with it and figuring things out as you go, but to always have your kids in mind.  Maybe don’t go to the fancy french restaurant with a two year old, because no one is ready to deal with the pickiest, hardest critic of their restaurant career.

Arren’s little mind was blown at the louvre, he just loved everything Paris had to offer him, but the louvre is also where everything went crazy.

We decided to let Arren out at the Louvre, not thinking too much about it, I mean what kind of tantrum could possibly happen here?

Well, a big one….

All because of a violin….

Arren has a love of the arts, he loves drawing and he loves all instruments…and when he saw a man beautifully playing the violin he just couldn’t believe his eyes.  He was so happy watching this man play the violin.  So what happened?

This kindhearted man let Arren touch the violin…..

and then Arren wanted the violin.

and wanted uppies from this man the whole time, until we had to take Arren away from him.

and all Arren saw is that the man said he could touch the violin and make it his, but his poopy Parents said No he cant…

Obviously he was very upset with us

We finally managed to Calm him down and we continued with our day.

This was also the day Carl finally got sick, but we all puckered on trying to not be slowed down.

We found a playground and let Arren play his little heart out.

I showed Arren the carousel and he didn’t want to leave…we were there for so long.


After an extremely long, full day we headed back to our  RV home.

Tired and sunburned.

We woke up and had our little run around, and showered.

Arren had his sophisticated Parisian breakfast of Marmite toast.

And we set our gps to heading back to Poland.