RV trip through Europe Day 10 Paris part 2

Paris is the best place to get your excerise on and the best way to do that is by walking an insane amount everywhere, just trying to see everything you can.


For the first day we had our set plan, the Arc de triomphe first and then we will get to the Eiffel tower.


Sounds simple and easy, but when you’re walking it feels so long, and I mean we are used to walking everywhere living in Poland, but Paris is really where you put some miles on your step count.


The one thing I never thought would happen in Paris, was getting conned, being from South Africa you get used to the typical con men and ladies going on their business of getting money from you, but we got bombarded in Paris.

Two woman trying to get us to sign something, telling me how beautiful I am, and then angrily trying to get us to pay and then being extremely mad that we only had  5 euro on us at the  time.  It was pure chaos and afterwards we were still shocked how fast it took to con and confuse us, having left South Africa for a year has made us pretty soft.

After the ordeal we finally got to see┬á the Eiffel tower.┬á ┬áArren’s little baby mind was blown.

We got him a little key chain and he happily sat in the  stroller playing with it.


We were just about to head back to the camp when we decided to go see what the golden tower in the distance was all about,┬á I’m still so glad we did.┬á ┬á ┬áIt was a lot of walking to get to, but boy was it amazing.

Arren really melted some soldiers heart, they couldn’t stop smiling and going crazy for him.┬á He was honestly being just the cutest.┬á ┬áOur spontaneous moment actually worked out perfectly, because we gave Arren a perfect place to run around like a complete loon for a bit.


and when I say loon.  I mean it.

He acted like a wild animal that’s been set free for the first time in his whole life.

He decided to turn into the minster of silly walks and forget how to walk up stairs and just make us work for it.

By the time we were done we realized we stayed a bit too long and had to make a run for our bus.  We found a safe bread for Arren at franprix and ran like the wind with bread hand man.