RV trip through Europe; Day 10 Paris part 1

For the Paris part of the trip we decided to stay at a paid camping site and my gosh, this place was worth it!

For 50 euros a night you got your own spot showers, a family bathroom with a large sink for kids and babies, a restaurant, playground and shop on premises, but what made it worth it for us was the 2 euro into the city bus trip.

This place was really amazing they even had a small bee farm on premises.

We arrived early in the morning, parked, took showers and had breakfast and hit the ground running for a long day in Paris.

The thing about Paris is, the city┬á is just incredible there is so much to see, do and experience, that it feels hard to do in just a couple of days, you somehow start planning your Parisian move as soon as you enter Paris, you get sucked in by the beauty, chic people and the busy city life in an instant.┬á You can over look the terrible traffic or that you will never be as well dressed as even a Parisian child.┬á ┬áSoon you plan your move to Paris and you don’t know how you got sucked up so fast in the amazing Parisian life.┬á ┬áBut then you wonder can I deal with this many tourists, everyone taking weird selfies, influencers walking in the road or standing on a road closure block in the middle of traffic for that photo that will get them a bunch of likes.┬á It all just seems so obscene.┬á It’s so easy to get swept up in that life always judging yourself, always trying to make yourself look amazing for people on social media just so you don’t get a mean comment or to get that comment “damn girl you look good”.┬á but you know what it really doesn’t matter taking that burden away feels good, I forgot a lot of my make up on this trip, I couldn’t do my hair and I got a monster cold that┬á left my face swollen and puffy, at first I felt to embarrassed to take photos on our trip, but then I said what the heck who cares, I want to have this memory.┬á So I got out of my comfort zone, I don’t look amazing, I don’t look put together, but at least I look happy.

Except for a brief fight that took place somewhere in Paris where Carl was navigating us with google maps, but wanted me to guide him in the direction we had to go….I was not impressed and told him to just take charge and GO!

but you know what we had a great day and made great memories and our little Arren just loved Paris.  The big building just made him so happy.


He’s a big fan of the Japanese group world order and they have a specific music video of them in Paris and Berlin and he just loves the Paris part, every time we went to a place where the music video was shot he just fan girled like crazy.


He didn’t get to eat much in Paris but that’s just fine, because we don’t┬álike to┬á take unnecessary risks with his allergies while travelling, but he didn’t mind┬á at all he had all his favourite foods with him in his chariot, that looks a little run down after all the walking we’ve done in Europe since arriving.┬á Time for a new one.

He was just the happiest little toddler in Paris that day, he even got awws from the soldiers.  Maybe it was the fact that was wearing way too much denim.

Paris is definitely a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list.┬á It’s just too incredible not┬á to see even if you think travelling with kids is tough, I find it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be.┬á Tantrums happen even when your home,┬á so it doesn’t really matter where you are and sometimes they surprise you by being sweet angels.