RV trip through Europe Day 1

We did it again! We Rv’d through Europe for the second time.  This time around we had our sights set on Italy, but we got into the North of Italy and had a major panic attack and decided to rather head to Switzerland.  The joy of taking a trip with an van is that you can change your plans at any second.  Travelling in Europe with the coronavirus right now felt a little bit crazy, every single place we went to had confirmed cases, attractions seemed a little bit emptier than usual and every time I saw a mask the reality of the situation just kicked in.  It was really scary, but we tried our best to stay as healthy as we could and to practice good hand washing hygiene.  

Things we did differently this time around from our First trip is.

  1. We got a never model RV which was a lifesaver.  Last time we had an older model that didn’t have aircon during the Paris heatwave, and just felt a bit overwhelming.  The newer model kept us nice and toasty in the Switzerland,  kept the fridge nice and cold, had a nicer shower, and just felt more comfortable.
  2. Smaller RV.  Last time we had a larger RV, but it was rather hard to find parking, harder to park and just harder to maintain. This time we made better time, because we could drive a bit faster.
  3. We got the camper before we planned to go, being able to pack everything and make things comfortable and not feeling so rushed makes things more manageable.
  4. I packed enough food favorites for everyone so we would all actually eat this time.  I took with green juice powder, kale powder and vitamin pills because this time no one would get sick, not like last time.
  5. I cleaned up immediately, we had a build in bin that was so great for cleaning up, with the coronavirus fear I cleaned the camper every night in a bit of a panic I would clean all the handles everything that gets touched frequently with anti bacterial spray.
  6. Washing our hands inside the camper every time we got back in because gas stations are gross.
  7. Keeping with Arren’s bed time schedule,  having a happy child is the best thing on a long trip and sleep plays an important part.  We stopped prepared dinner,  made sleepy time tea got into pjs and read books until he was asleep.
  8. We did something that Arren enjoys every time we stopped even if it’s just getting a small toy from a vending machine.

The first day with the Rv was just about packing and getting everything sorted, but it’s really the most important day of the whole trip.  It sets you up for a good trip.