Rv trip through Europe Day 1 Wroclaw Poland

You think having gone on an RV trip before we would have ironed out all the wrinkles, but we made a mistake on our very first day.

Don’t worry we weren’t driving yet, he just got really comfy in his chair before we actually started going.

Technically it was the last Sunday of the month, so technically all the shops should have been open, but as we pulled up to the store I started noticing the lack of people.  I felt like I went through so many stages of grief in the course of a minute.  First I was struck down by my usual Poland rage, that everything is closed on a Sunday, then I was angry at us for not just pushing through the tiredness and forcing ourselves to get the last minute important things we needed, then I was back to angry, then I felt like this is good the sabbath day should be holy, then anger again, then I decided we should make a plan.  We decided to stop in Wroclaw for our first night and go to the shop there the next day.



With a plan in motion, we set off for our adventure.

We had a couple of stops to stretch our legs at some gas stations, and got our usual big eye look that makes you feel like you should be at the zoo,┬á Polish people are always so surprised when they hear English, when you get to the smaller places you might as well get into your space ship and they wouldn’t be surprised.

We arrived in Wroclaw and got to see some of the city, but we were all just too tired at this stage and then we made our biggest mistake of the trip, we didn’t have a back up camper parking in case the one from the app didn’t meet our needs.┬á We ended up looking for another parking for such a long time that Arren fell asleep.┬á The thing about Arren is that if he falls asleep somewhere he better wake up in that exact spot or he will just be too confused.



We ended up going back to the parking spot we didn’t want to go to.┬á It was an extremely stormy night, branches were falling from trees in horrible crashes, it was raining like crazy and the parking spot, well it was right by n tram stop in the city, and to add to my princess and the pea story it was parked on the curb so we were on a horrible slant.┬á Arren and I are really light sleepers, the lights and noise would have really gotten anyone to have insomnia (anyone except Carl), but the slant is what got me.┬á Arren kept almost rolling off the bed and I kept catching him, causing me not being able to sleep, but the lights and a whole bunch of where am I woke Arren up really early.┬á It was a blessing in disguise, we got to have the early start we’ve always dreamed of and we set off for the Czech Republic.