Rv trip through Europe Back in Poland

We  decided to keep driving for as long as we could when Arren fell asleep to cover as much distance as we possibly could.

We drove so long that we finally saw a truck stop and decided to stay there for the evening.  At first I was like, wow , is this going to be safe? but then I was like “too tired”.

I’m so glad seeing my little vehicle crazed toddlers face when he woke up and saw all those trucks, made it all worth it.

We all woke up pretty early, as soon as we opened the drapes, Arren couldn’t stop smiling.  Right there in front of us was the most trucks I’ve ever seen, in so many different colors it was really something to see.

He kept going WOOOOOW! pointing at the trucks. Saying TRUUUCKS.

I still wish I got a photo of his cute little face, but I was too busy being in the moment that I completely forgot, but I will have the memory forever.

We strapped in, ate a breakfast sandwich with fruit, and hit the road.

Soon we found ourselves back in Poland.

We stopped at a gas station and soon realized we were back in good old Poland, when we noticed that there were no fridges in the shop, nothings says welcome back to Poland like a hot drink.

We let Arren out and he soon made himself right at home.

We gassed up and made the drive to get back to the apartment.

When we entered the apartment block Arren was so mad.  He reconized where we were and as soon as we stopped made a run for it.  He did not want to be back.  Luckily someone left a bunch of unwanted toys at the playground in the building, he decided that he would stay for the time being.


It’s strange how Arren has never liked this apartment.  He hates spending time in here, and always just wants to be as far away from it.  I get it, he’s a big fish in a small apartment haha.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we’ve moved to Poland.  It’s been one hard year, but we somehow made it through, stronger than ever.