RV-ing through Europe Day 8 We got kicked out of Belgium

One of the things you can never be too sure about while camping for free in Europe is if you are really in a free parking.┬á That’s exactly what happened to us in Belgium.

We really wanted to spend as little money as possible on our accommodation while Rv-ing, with all the necessities in the camper we didn’t really see a need to stop at a paid parking every single stop.┬á I feel like it added to the adventure, and the story that we will probably tell people about throughout our lives, the story just getting taller and more far fetched as we age, but it will be a funny little experience that we had with our little Arren.

It was really a beautiful experience when we entered Belgium, I was instantly taken by the country and regret not seeing more of it.  I will forever remember the change of scenery and the moment forest and beautiful houses, started taking over and all of a sudden it was like driving through a fairy tale. Trees lined the streets, families playing in their yards, that seemed engulfed by the most beautiful trees, and just like that little purple flowers started appearing everywhere.  It was the perfect contrast in between the forest green, and whimsy houses.

We found a free camper parking on this app we used, Park for the Night, the parking was unusual, we were greeted by what we thought was a good sign, that is a bunch of camper vans parked in the parking, but the parking was full and there was some event on, a car guard told us to park more in and we started hastily making dinner for our overtired little toddler, we set up our beds and spend the night, only to be awoken by a knock on the door.

We got told in the politest way ever to pack up and leave in 30 minutes, apparently the camper van parking was only in the front and the event was still on.

We packed up everything and left in rush, laughing as we realized we just got kicked out of our first free camping spot.┬á It doesn’t get more wild than that.┬á All we have to show for Belgium are our memories and a couple of photos of of sleeping angel.

Atleast he woke up in a really good mood.