RV-ing through Europe Day 6 – 7 The Netherlands

We arrived in the Netherlands with a toddler that had his very first cold in his entire short life on earth and boy was he not happy about it.   

For someone that has suffered from eczema almost his entire life he was not a fan of camphor rub, I mean I can’t blame him I have flash backs of my parents rubbing that stuff on me and screaming my head off, but what he hated the most was the snot sucker.  Boy, was it an ordeal.

The change of landscape as soon as you enter a new European country made this trip worthwhile.  Poland is filled with trees and a whole bunch of building cranes, Germany is all forests, castles and sustainable energy and the Netherlands, has such an amazing landscape with fairytale farms and whimsy looking houses.  we stopped at a gas station and Arren made a run for the store and soon found himself a new friend, the thing about Arren is as soon as you make eye contact with him and give him a smile he will not leave you alone, he will just want to play with  you the whole time.  I was really grateful for the patience of this kind man, who was just trying to buy a sandwich. He threw Arren in the air and gave him all the hugs he wanted.  He really didn’t want us to take him away from his new friend, but we all thought it was time to go.

We decided to get a paid campsite for this leg of the trip and headed to this amazing looking campsite really close to Amsterdam city, driving the camper in all the little narrow roads was really confusing and slightly overwhelming, you just kind of feel like your driving a large bus into  the city center or something.

We kind of lost track of the days and didn’t realize that it was Friday, when we arrived at the site we realized we were going to have a problem.  This place was packed, it kind of had a music festival vibe, people dressed in coachella outfits playing with their fire sticks, and dancing around.  Carl ran in to check if there was any space.  As Arren was running around like a loon, I started hoping there wouldn’t be any space, I just didn’t think my light sleeper would get a lot of sleep here.  Carl came back with the news that there was no space and  we ended up finding a campsite a little further out of the city that turned out great.


It was way more relaxing and we got to have a quieter version of the Netherlands that was tranquil and so adorable.

We went for a family walk

found a big pile of rocks that made our little boys boy so happy.  I tried to raise him gender neutral but I somehow got the most boyish boy on the planet.

We slept with the sound of a thousand frogs croaking.

The next morning we woke up refreshed and groggy thanks to our sicky.  We still decided to go into the city, which turned out great.  Arren took a nap that he desperately needed and we got to explore the city.

I felt so overwhelmed with all where bicycles, there are just soooo many, it’s really fantastic for the environment, but they were just everywhere! blocking the sidewalks, beeping behind you, popping up from nowhere,  but it was all part of the Amsterdam charm.

We chatted ate stroopwaffles and explored in the hot Summer heat.

Arren woke up and was cranky so we decided to head back.

We stopped at Jumbo and Arren became a vegetable lover again.  We all loved the produce in the Netherlands it was so yummy, but the thing Arren really liked was the delicious safe stroopwaffle cookies we found.

so good.

Next  we got kicked out of our free parking… the saga continues.