Rv-ing through Europe Day 4 and 5 Ascension Day and Hannover

The thing about rv-ing through Europe is you get to see a lot of things you wouldn’t normally see.  Some good and some bad.

The thing about travelling through Germany is every single gas station you go into will have an excessive amount of porn right out and about whenever you go in.  One of Arren’s favourite things to do was play at all the gas stations and explore all the souvenirs and things, one of our missions as parents became trying to block our toddler from seeing all that porn, it was really unpleasant being bombarded by it the whole time, but it was apart of the experience.  Just like no matter in which restrooms you went into in Germany, be it a gas station restroom or a really fancy mall restroom, you were going to find yourself an adult toy vending machine in every single one.   At least into the ones we went into.



Arren eventually crashed from the benadryl sleeps, and took a nap only to be awoken to his parents confused as to why all the shops where closed.    As we frantically googled information on what twilight zone nightmare we entered, Carl discovered that accension day was a public holiday in Europe, meaning all the shops were closed.

We decided to make the best of the situation and took advantage of the empty parking lot, by making dinner and having fun with the trolleys.

We knew that the campsite we wanted to stay at was close by, but didn’t know how it would be affected by the public holiday, but we decided to just go see if it was open.

What we found was a beer garden, a huge party and a whole bunch of Germans that didn’t speak much English, the office to the camping closed and a whole bunch of maybe we should go somewhere else.

After we couldn’t find anyone who wanted to speak to us, we decided to go to one of the free parking spots, luckily it was close to the little town and we made our way to Hanover.

This spot was completely relaxing, it was a parking in a nature reserve, so peaceful and when Carl went to look around, he found another huge party at the water.  Everyone was having fun, we were having a good laugh and decided to go to sleep, probably the best sleep I’ve had in a year.

We woke up to birds, overnight oats, beautiful nature and a happy toddler, who really wanted to go explore.

We headed to the mall and decided to blow Arren’s little mind with the taking him into a really big toy store.  He almost called off the whole trip to live in this shop forever.  Luckily we convinced him with some bread that we should hit the road and see more things and countries.

Europe is big, but so small at the same time, and every country is unique off we set for the next leg of our trip the Netherlands!