Rv-ing through Europe Day 3 Berlin

Day 3 of our trip we finally made it to Germany! 

The difference between Poland and entering Germany is definitely all the sustainable energy that’s used.   The second we drove into Germany we just saw wind turbine after wind turbine, that got followed by the most amazingly extensive solar farms.  It really was an amazing sight to see.

After a million road closures that had us detouring a lot all over Berlin we finally made it to our free parking of choice for the evening; Treptower Park.

We got greeted with the sight of all our free parking Rv buddies, just relaxing in the parking with the beautiful Treptower park behind them.

We decided to immediately go for a walk around the park, Arren wanted to jump into the water


really badly and was putting up a huge fight to be allowed to take a dip on this hot, but cold day.  He was not a happy camper with all the no’s that followed and decided to sit down and sulk in protest.

He soon cheered up and was back to his happy old self.

Day  3 was the day I became patient zero,  I got knocked down by a serious cold and was a sick mess with a high fever for the next couple of days.  All I wanted to do was crawl up into a little ball and sleep away the sickness, but  that was not a option.  I put on a brave face and decided to explore with the boys and see all that I could see.

There was so many people taking in this sunny day by having impromptu picnics, playing with their kids and just having fun, it was so nice to see so many smiling faces around.   It’s one of the things you don’t see a lot of in Poland.  While in Poland you soon discover that almost no one smiles while walking, if you smile at them you will just get a blank look back, or you will get the “you must be American” response when you’re easy to smile.

The park was busy  and full of life while we explored, sniffled flowers and tried to keep Arren from jumping into all the fountains.

We headed back to our little car home , had dinner and went to sleep.  We woke up to a toddler that was knocked down by hayfever.  It was a horrible sight seeing our  poor little kid so miserable, parking next to all those flowers in full bloom, turned out to be a horrible mistake we went for one final walk.  Saw some of the wall and decided to hit the road after giving Arren benadryl.  He was really not happy and having fun and the main reason we wanted to take the RV route was to have that option to change plans how every we saw fit at that moment.

Arren was much better as soon as we left Berlin so off we went looking for our new adventure, even though we didn’t know at that time that accession day is kind of a big thing in Europe and meant that everything would be closed.