Rv-ing through Europe Day 1 and 2 Kolobrzeg

The start of our trip didn’t go according to plan, but things never tend to go according to plan when you have kids, but that’s why we were happy we decided to go the RV route.

Day 1 we had big plans to start the drive immediately after getting the Rv, we were going to pack everything in and get going and stay somewhere in Poland and then be in Berlin the next day.

In reality things went completely off track, Carl could only get the RV at 1 he went too late to get it, his uber dropped him off at the wrong address, the camper company was nice enough to go pick him up and Arren had a two year old molar fever.

Day 1 was way more stressful then anticipated, packing everything took way longer than we anticipated , Arren was ready to go, but we decided not to create a stressful start to our trip and decided to stay at our apartment and start fresh the next day.

On day 2 we finally hit the road, Arren was over the moon, we colored, played and had a lot of fun, we realized we forgot to pack a lot of things and had to make a stop at store.   While there we decided to call it a day on driving, and explore the town of kolobrzeg in Poland.

Such a cute little town by the ocean, we walked around the beach, ran around the parking lot and settled in and watched some toy story for the evening.

We spent the night in a free parking lot with a whole bunch of other Rvs, it was surprisingly quieter than our apartment block and way more peaceful.┬á I think all Arren’s dreams came true on this trip, he actually got to live in a car for a week and sleep where the cars go to sleep, a parking lot.