Rhodes Memorial

We had all these plans to take Arren to the park and take him for a walk along the promenade, but our last minute add on, turned into the only thing we ended up doing.  Rhodes memorial blew my mind, the view from this colossus of a monument is incredible.

We ended up spending a good couple of hours walking around, taking photos and really taking in the view.  Carl gets UK bank holidays off, so on Monday we got to play tourist and basically had the whole memorial to ourselves, there were a couple of health fanatics, making us feel tired by running up and down the stairs so many times, they had my head spinning after a while.  Walking down and back up the stairs holding a baby was enough for me, but so worth it to get to see the intricate detail that went into building the Rhodes memorial.

The memorial is in honour of Cecil John Rhodes a politician, it’s built on his favourite spot. ┬áIt’s easy to see why this was his favourite spot. ┬áIt’s amazing to look out on the city, it’s a great place to ponder and just walk around. ┬áMaybe even sit and just think about future plans.

We are always so focused on the future, and moving to a place where Arren will have more opportunity that we forget to focus on the now, the moment we are in.  It was nice to have a moment to focus on our little family and just get to be together.