Recipes for Colder weather

When the weather starts getting cold I start craving warmer meals, long gone are the days I casually throw together a salad thinking this will satisfy me, instead I long for warmer, heartier meals that will satisfy and keep warm on the coldest of days.

Have you noticed that places over compensate immensely when it comes to indoor heating?┬á One second your casually walking thinking that you wish you brought your gloves with only to go into your local store to feel like you entered a mini heatwave?┬á That’s how I feel in Poland.┬á The stores, our apartment building everything is just over heated to the max, it’s like the Polish people just love the heat so much they can’t bare not to have beach weather indoor, no jokes, I saw an employee walking around in a vest in a store, too me that means it’s too hot in your shop!┬á The sudden heat is such a shock to my system every single time I feel like passing out when I entered.┬á Carl and I went shopping in a hail storm the other day, just before we entered the shop we started stripping down, but to no avail, even in my cool clothes did the sudden heat knock me right off my feet.

Even with the insane heating, I still crave warmer meals.  Here is my list of warming meals for the colder moths.



Caramelized Banana, Salted Caramel Creamy Millet Porridge

Savoury French Toast



Caramelized onions, Sweet Potato Quesadillas


Butter Tofu Curry

Morrocan Lentil Soup

Cauliflower leek Soup

Slow Cooker vegetable Stew

Lazy Mom’s Vegetable chilli┬á┬á