Raising a feminist boy

We raise our daughters to fight stereotypes and teach them to grow up to be strong woman, but why don’t we teach our sons to be feminists? To stand up for women, even though they can stand up for themselves, to respect women and treat them like equals, because when we teach our sons who will turn into men one day, to respect all women, the future will be great and filled with way more love and respect.

As parents we are constantly teaching our children new things, not just by the things we are showing them everyday, but by our actions.  The things we don’t teach, but the things we actually do is what kids pick up on.   I want Arren to not think a woman can’t do a certain job just because she is a woman or that a man can’t do a certain job because he is a man.  Men and woman should be considered equal, I’ve seen Carl be just as nurturing as the most loving mother in the world can be, not because he’s “soft”, but just because he doesn’t fall into a male stereotype.  I’ve been known to do some of the “manly” things around the house, like fix the toilet.  Allowing ourselves to let go of stereotypes opens up a world of possibilities.


Everyone is telling their daughters to be who they want to be, but why aren’t we allowing our sons to embrace more feminine qualities.  By teaching our sons basic feminine qualities like empathy, compassion and self reliance.  We can build a future that our kids will be proud of and mostly a more loving world.

So how do you raise a feminist boy?

  1. Teach our sons how to cook, bake and clean up after themselves.  These basic skills no matter how simple they are can break gender stereotypes in an instant.  Men and women both belong in the kitchen, we all should be cooking and cleaning and learn how to be self reliant.
  2. Let your children be friends with boys and girls, showing them that opposite sex friendships can be normal and healthy.
  3. Lead by example.  Having a relationship where there is mutual respect and equality shows your children how to treat other people.
  4. Teach our boys that it’s okay to cry.  Compassion and emotion doesn’t make you weak.
  5. Be a gentleman, but know a woman can probably do it herself and she can probably do it better than you can, but chivalry should still be alive.
  6. NO, means no, Maybe is not yes. Yes, is Yes.
  7. Don’t be afraid of your differences.  Celebrate them and nurture your gifts you’ve been given.