Protein Packed Sunflower Seed Butter

You might not know this, but Carl and I both have a LOT of food allergies; its made eating a bit difficult, but it also made me  try and heal our bodies from the inside out.  Over the years I’ve experimented with a lot of diets and healing foods  to see what really works and what’s just a myth. Somehow I managed to basically “cure” our allergies.  A lot of detoxing and fermented food, taking vitamins religiously and never getting too hungry has played an important role in our recovery and healing process.  One of the most important things seemed to always lead to a healthy gut equals a healthy body.

Carl never really had a severe allergy towards peanuts ( his throat would slightly close up and he would get hives), but we found with a healthy gut and eating organic peanuts he wouldn’t have the same problem as what he would have when consuming normal peanuts.  I’m not a DR and I don’t suggest you start messing around with your allergies,  rather work around your allergies or experiment with allergy pills nearby, but don’t take my advice, do what works for you.

I think its so fun to try and come up with alternative ingredients and figuring out having your favourite meals without a risky allergy prone ingredient.

In comes : Sunflower Butter

Sunflower butter is an amazing alternative to peanut butter, easy to make and packed with so many nutrients.  I buy sunflower seeds in bulk to make all sorts of wonderful things. Its way cheaper than other seeds, not to mention that roasted sunflower seeds makes an amazing snack.

The better your food processor the creamier you will get your sunflower butter.  I use a Braun food processor, its not as expensive as other processors, but its really powerful and gets the job done.


  1. Supports healthy Thyroid function: the thyroid gland is responsible for regulating body temperature, heart rate, the production of protein, and controlling the rate of your metabolism.  Keeping your thyroid happy plays an important role in a healthy body.
  2. Helps with muscle cramps:  Sunflower seeds contain a high number of magnesium that helps ease muscle cramps.
  3. Helps ward of diabetes
  4. Improves skin and hair.  Sunflower seeds contains vitamin E which helps give your skin a healthy glow.
  5. Helps to prevent cancer due to the high antioxidant content.



  • 2 cups lightly roasted sunflowers, The lightest brown you can manage.
  • 4 Tbsp light tasting oil like canola oil
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 – 2 tbsp sweetener to taste
  • 1/4 cup protein powder of choice


Place the roasted sunflower seeds in a food processor.

Start processing.

The mixture will go from a flour consistency to a clumpy mess.  When it stops moving pour in the oil and scrape the sides.

Continue blending until desired consistency is reached.

Add the remaining ingredients and blend one more time.

Store in a jar and eat like you would any peanut butter.