Pondering about things


Being back in South Africa has not been easy for me. Things have just been crazy out of control, from arriving at Joburg airport being treated so rudely by almost every staff member for no apparent reason, maybe it was my smile, no one likes a smiling person these day; To trying to find a place to live in Cape town, that’s kind of affordable, close and doesn’t require the soul of your first born child in the lease agreement. ┬áFinding a place in Cape town was extremely difficult, credit checks, bank statements from 2 years ago, a landlord that just didn’t want to give us the go ahead and a deposit that’s more affordable than all the other places, but still a small fortune. ┬áWe finally managed to get the apartment and the beautiful view makes up for all the trouble.

I know things will start looking up again, but dealing with so many rude people has been hard, so I’ve been trying the pay it forward technique. ┬áTreat people with kindness and the way you would want to be treated, like letting someone in front of you in a queue, because they have way less stuff than you and hoping that they will start doing the little things to make peoples day a little better. ┬áMaybe we are just staying at the unhappy side of the mountain?

It really hasn’t helped that I’ve been feeling so sick throughout this experience, but all this shall pass and life will be right on track again.