Play time or roll on the ground grabbing your feet time

Everyday Arren and I get down on the ground for some non interrupted play time; Its the time where we get to really let the fun out, or sometimes where Arren just hates to be….cough tummy time cough.

Yesterday I decided to start taking photos of our little play time to remember this moment when he gets older. ┬áSo entranced by his own feet that he just refuses to let them go, the way he looks at everything with a clear look of “what’s this?” on his face, the way he’s started grabbing for the big black thing that always gets shoved in his face aka the camera or how he just learns things so fast.

I’ve been showing Arren how to do little silly things around the house not thinking he would remember them, but this baby boy is smart as a whip! ┬áI showed him how to spin the lamp shade and he just does it with such ease now, I showed him how to make a noise with my hanging stick art and he does that ┬átoo, it really shows you what little sponges they are at this age, maybe I should start teaching him how to play piano? Haha

Yesterday, I gave him his little wooden rattle to play with, he looked at me like he need confirmation that it was okay that he had it and started shaking it around without ┬ágetting it close to his body. ┬áI confiscated his little rattle from him, because he was just too violent with it. ┬áImagine a wooden swinging rattle that keeps getting swung against his face like he’s trying to knock himself out, but yesterday he swung it around without causing any bodily harm. ┬áI was one proud mama seeing him be so gentle with his rattle and playing so peacefully.

He seemed to really enjoy his rattle time and was mesmerized by it for quite some time.

Its so much fun seeing Arren learn new things and growing into a little person. Hopefully he enjoys it as much as I do.