Pizza Party

Motherhood can be so overwhelming, and when you add picky eating , stubborness, an extremely dramatic two year old and allergies to the mix you reach a high level of overwhelmed feelings you didn’t think you could reach.

The thing about the internet is you have a lot of people giving you advice, but the truth is there is no one size fits all answer, people can be so judgy about things, but you know you have to find out what works for you.

Arren is an extremely stubborn child and extremely dramatic, he’s fake vomited while smashing a piece of broccoli on the floor and stepping on it to get rid of it before, no one in the house likes the strange Polish carrot juice that’s weirdly thick, but Arren loves it.┬á He’s seen us eating healthy his entire life, but he won’t touch a salad, he loves kombu flavoured rice and eats nori like it ‘s a sheet of candy.

Some children┬á┬áwhere born “spirited” and does things their own way.┬á I’ve tried all the internet’s advice on how to get Arren to try things, but as an ex picky eater that got dragged to a food therapist, you can’t force something.

Instead I offer until he gets comfortable with it, it’s worked better for us, giving him some independence with food he want’s to eat makes him a better eater during the day.

That doesn’t mean that his favourite pizza is just a pizza.┬á I’ve lovingly named it the pizza of lies.

the crust is made with rye flour, cauliflower, zucchini and broccoli, the sauce is tomato, carrot and peppers, and the cheese is a creamy sweet potato piece of heaven.┬á He loves it and we both feel like we’ve won a bit.

Parenting is hard, parenting with  an overflow of information from the internet makes things harder, find something that works for your family and go with it.