Picnics in the Gardens Pt 2

A sleeping baby and a beautiful view is all you need for a romantic picnic lunch.  Arren seemed to love sleeping outside in the shade.  It might have been the cool breeze or the soft little bed we made for him, but this guy had a lovely nap.

We went a little overboard with the things we took with and managed to not take the one thing that we really needed….a CARRIER!  The stroller was a bit too big for some areas and there were a lot of areas without a pathway that we couldn’t explore, there is always next time right.

The stroller did make a perfect little push cart for all the stuff we didn’t want to carry. I felt like I got a great workout pushing the stroller around.  I even tried running up the hill while pushing the buggy just to get it over with.  It was such a bad idea! My dress got caught on the wheel and I nearly face planted into the ground! I learned my lesson about patience!


As the day went on Arren started losing more and more clothes, if we stayed any longer he would probably have left in just his diaper!

No outing is complete without a poopslosion and lifting a naked baby trying to get everything off him right?

Who can be mad at that face?

Birthday’s are way better with a squishy baby around!