Picnics in the gardens Pt 1

Nothing says it’s party time like a picnic in Kirstenbosch gardens right? well throw in a cute little baby and you’ve got yourself a party.

For Carl’s Birthday we decided to head to Kirstenbosch botanical gardens for a fun little family picnic.  It didn’t start off that great as we had a crying baby that just did NOT want to be in his stroller at all, but when we decided to carry him he started cheering up.  We somehow chose the worst route to go on while holding a baby and pushing a stroller that seemed to have everything we’ve ever owned in it, UP hill.  Who needs resistance training when life does such a good job at it.

We found a shady spot under a big old tree to make our little home  and to make a little nest for our sleeping angel. While Arren had his  cat nap, we got to dig into our picnic feast.  I’m just loving this stage of Arren’s life, he just brings a smile to everyone’s face that sees him, he’s all smiles now and is the happiest when he gets a diaper change in nature.  He really turned up the cute factor while being naked in public.  We might have a nudist on our hands here.

Sitting in between the mountains with our little Arren in our arms felt like the perfect way to celebrate Carl’s birthday.  We loved it so much we ended up staying until after 6pm!


As the day went by Arren lost more and more clothes, but he did so well with his first full day outing.