photos of life in Poland

jellyfish numbers.
baby life. this guy just stares into your soul.
Walks in sopot. This could be day or night, who knows anymore. Is winter over yet? we miss day time.
jellfish learning
the best Ikea experience ever. I never thought i would put the words relaxing and Ikea together, but when you go on the 23th of December after 8 that’s what you will get, a calming experience, I left in almost a zen state in wonder of how Ikea could be.
Swans on the Baltic.
morning walks with the family
Arren checking in on Asher.
Begrudgingly taking the pacifier and a tlny baby death stare
Arren was here. It’s hard being the little brother.
talking about jellfish at the playground
baby smile
When you read a boo so hard you fall over.
always happy to ne outside, unless it’s cold. No snowsuit for this guy, superstubborn.