Penguins are always in their Sunday best

On Sunday we decided to go for a little after church walk on the penguin beach.  A penguin beach sounds silly, but that’s exactly what it is….a beach filled with penguins.

^^ he looks like such a little person in this photo, where did my baby go?

The beach is a short drive from our house,  we don’t take advantage of it nearly enough!  When we got to the beach we realized it was a bit late and it was already closed, being the stick up our butt rule followers we are we decided not to jump the gate like the other people and just walk around the pathway instead.  Is anyone else a ridiculous rule follower? I just can’t help it, the rules are usually there for a reason! Maybe it’s just me! EEK, I should just get more spontaneous, right?

Lucky for us the pathway had a lot of penguins just walking about, it’s so funny to see these little guys waddling around on the pathway like they are human.  You will never feel as under-dressed as you do standing next to a penguin.

Arren was not impressed by the penguins one bit, he even let out a long dragged out yawn, to say “really guys? I didn’t like this the first time!”  He grew more and more agitated and started making this weird face, while sniffing, baby boy did not like the smell of penguins! The air around the penguins have a slightly musky aroma, mixed with a strong hue of fish and the most potent smell of poop that makes your eyes water a bit.

It’s all worth it to see these cute little penguins and see Arren’s complete lack of caring and over the top facial expressions.

PS  Postpartum has been tough on my hair, I’ve experienced such severe hair loss that I’ve felt like crying most days.  If you look at these photos you can clearly see a little bald patch right at the top, but I decided to just embrace these moments with my son and be in the photos with him, hair will grow back, but these moments of him being a baby are fleeting. That’s why I love sharing our little adventures on this blog, it’s my way of remembering and keeping track of our lives.  In the meantime I’m doing a lot of self care on my hair and it’s helped reduce the hair loss drastically I can even see some regrowth happening!


2 thoughts on “Penguins are always in their Sunday best

  1. Emily says:

    Your hair will definitely grow back! I imagine this is one of the reasons so many women cut their hair after childbirth. (That and having very grabby baby hands tangled in it all the time.) You are far more aware of and paranoid about it that anyone else!

    I still can’t get over you guys having penguins haha. So cute!

    • Melissa says:

      I would cut it, but it took me soooo long to grow it back out! I know! I’m learning to let it go! They’re the cutest things ever! They look so cuddly

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