Park days

One of the amazing things about living in Europe is all the playgrounds at nearly every corner, in our little area we have 4 parks within walking distance.  

Keeping a toddler entertained is easy when you get to go to so many different parks, and on days when the weather is slightly cloudy we have the park all to ourselves.

We have two major problems about the park and it all revolves around Arren,  he still think everything is his ( slowly getting better, he’s starting to share) and does not like waiting for other kids to take their turn, and two he is either the bad influence jumping on things or he copies what the other bad influence’s does.  He’ wants to do what all the big kids are doing and copies them, which is cute and amazing, but trying to convince your toddler to come down from something is harder when the cool older kids are doing it.

He still makes the funniest faces when going down the slide, a mixture of “wow , this is amazing” and “oh, no how will I ever stop”.

One of the things Arren is just amazing at is, he knows when he is ready to leave, he doesn’t make much of a fuzz and will go when we want to.  He’s the same way at toy shops, he will play with toys, know he has them at home and be fine with leaving.

It’s amazing to see him grow he’s so good in loud and busy situations, when we go to IKEA, he’s always the best kid around, he plays, plays with random people and try to figure out how to maneuver in a place that has it’s own set of rules.  IKEA rules, where people just knocks your kids down and just  keep walking.

grateful for this big park to run around in.