Paris France Temple

A lot of hard lessons were learned at the Paris France temple.  It’s a great temple, but apparently no matter how late or sweaty you turn up at the temple it seems like the visitors centre is always open.

Arren is an excitement pooper, when he gets really excited he poops.  We both hope he outgrows this soon and we wont have a weird oh I’m so excited I got my first car, oh no I pooped myself moment, but back to the temple.

After a very long and hot day of travel we decided to still go to the temple Carl changed his shirt, but you know the travel day was long and only a shower would have been able to wash that stank off.  My hair was all over the place and Arren was just so excited to explore.  We honestly didn’t think anyone would be at the temple on a Sunday at 8 in the evening so we didn’t put much thought into our appearance.  Looking back we probably should have, but we were so tired.  Still no excuse

so we entered the temple

and let me tell you this temple is AMAZING!


on so many levels just out of this world beautiful.  The grounds, the sculptures the building is just breathtaking.

We explored took photos and somehow got lured into the visitors centre by a couple of wonderful missionaries.

Arren fell in LOVE with the older French temple lady and he did not want to leave her alone.  She was so little and just couldn’t pick my little big boy up, but man did he want uppies so bad.


He kept going to her, trying to get her to read the temple magazine and in his extreme excitement he took a huge excitement poop.  She was so nice but dealing with to sweaty stinky people and then their kid takes a huge poop was too much for her.

She politely, yet firmly told us to go freshen up, Arren was so upset to be leaving his new lady friend and just wanted to go back to her the whole time.  So we politely said we had to go and made a big embarrassed run out of there.

We really learned a lesson on freshening up even if you don’t think anyone will be there.