1 Month with Asher Naoki

One moth with baby Asher sure has flown by, but really this entire Covid year has felt extra fast. Life feels chaotic and crazy right now regardless of having a newborn baby in the mix, Asher just made the last bit of the year sweet and cute.

Hevelianum Gdansk Poland

On days it feels just a bit too hot to handle and all the aircon in the entire Gdansk feels like they didn’t bother putting it on, we head to Hevelianum.

Set in an historic fort in Gdansk, the cool cobblestone bricks feel like heaven. Arren loves running down the halls and exploring all the canons and singing into the said canons.

But the thing Arren likes to do most is randomly hug people and want attention from them. He’s such a social butterfly in a time where we can’t really be social.

It’s not the funnest thing to do in Gdansk, but Arren sure likes it and it’s definitely worth exploring when you have time or don’t really know what to do.

Most of the people who walk through have pretty bored looks on their faces, but it’s a fun little outing when you don’t have serious plans.

Old Town Gdansk

Sometimes when you don’t know what to do and the idea of being at the crowded beach seems like too much, you head to Old town.

Rv trip through Europe Day 7 Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein was definitely one of the places I’m so glad we stopped at and explored, not having gone to Italy was kind of a downer, but we really got to see so much of Europe that we loved, Liechtenstein might have been someplace we never thought about visiting, but after watching an episode of Super Wings with Arren we felt like we had to go explore.

Rv trip through Europe, Day 6 Switzerland

Arriving in Switzerland was nothing short of magic, the alps, the people, the pure magic everywhere. There is just something about Switzerland and it’s pure exquisite nature that made it my favorite place we’ve traveled to immediately, but boy did we get hit with a whole bunch of obstacles from almost the moment we arrived.